Garlic Soup


Colds are the worst!  The worst!  I would much rather have a stomach flu which comes on intense for a few days and then lets you get back to living your life.  But not colds.  Oh no.  Colds like to linger and make a nuisance of themselves for what feels like an eternity.  The sniffling, the congestion, the coughing.  The coughing is the worst!  I always seem to be in the middle of something with someone of importance and I can fee the tickle in the back of my throat start.  A couple muffled coughs later, I try as I might to hold it in until I’m red-faced and feeling like I’m going to pop vein in my head.  Then all hell breaks lose and I start coughing like an angry dog barking at a passerby (not to mention gasping for air), usually to the awkward horror of the other person.

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