Orange You Happy Juice

Generally I am horrible at making juice.  Maybe it’s because I get so excited that I end up juicing the entire contents of refrigerator into a brown sludge.  But I always choke it down because I think of how my Mother would shoot me for wasting $30 of produce.  But this juice.  This juice is a keeper.  I have to admit when I whipped this glass up I really had no expectations for it.  I actually assumed it wouldn’t be good.  How wrong was I!  It’s not made of any fancy or exotic or trendy fruits and veg.  Just your plain, old standbys of apples, oranges and carrots that we are probably all bored of since we grew up with them.  No, just me?  Well, either way, this juice is a brand new way to enjoy these timeless fruits and veg.

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Acorn Squash, Quinoa and Kale Salad with Lemon-Tahini Dressing

Serendipity.  Happenstance.  Coincidence.  These are not words I would use to describe the making of this salad.  I have seen Tahini in stores many times before but always put it back on the shelf because I didn’t have a reason to buy it.  The other day, I did.  I wanted to make my Mama a delicious Vegan dinner.  We have been eating out the last couple days while she visited and whenever I want to reset from a bunch of heavier meals, I whip up a tasty, clean Vegan meal.  Since I had just picked up The Oh She Glows Cookbook, I thought I’d test out a scrumptious looking recipe that I happened to have most of the ingredients on hand for.  Off to the store we went to get cranberries, pepitas, nutritional yeast and Tahini.  Quick and easy, I thought.  Boy was I wrong.  The first 3 ingredients on my list I snapped up no problem.  Two days, five grocery stores and one grumpy Kendra later I finally got a jar of Tahini.  Honestly, how is this city sold out of that much Tahini?

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Chile Beef Lettuce Wraps

So this recipe is for my Mom.  We went for lunch yesterday while she was in town visiting me and she wanted to share the Lettuce Wraps.  I wasn’t really into it, I was eyeing up the gyoza some fierce though.  So I mentioned that I had a recipe for Lettuce Wraps on my blog that she should try.  She said no I didn’t.  I said yes I did and accused her of not reading my blog.  Sorry, Mom.  I have to admit she was right.  Well, sort of.  It turns out I did have the recipe on my blog… I just hadn’t posted it.  So here is my Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for Chile Beef Lettuce Wraps.  They are spicy and sweet and salty and savoury and crunchy and zesty and… ok I’ll stop now.  I’m making myself hungry.  But they’re just so delicious.  So trust me and just go make them.  Mom, that also means you.

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