Happy New Years!

Happy New Years Everyone!  I wish all of you my lovely readers all the best wishes for the New Year!  I am so happy and thankful to every single one of you that reads my blog.  Whether you give me a like, reblog or comment or simply just visit and read without me really knowing, I am thankful.  You are the reason I make this blog; to have somebody read my little blip on the Internet and enjoy it is my motivation to continue.  So thank-you, I wouldn’t be doing this if nobody enjoyed it.  I makes me happy to know someone enjoyed something I have created (and that goes for all aspects of my life).

In the past year, I didn’t blog quite as much as I wanted.  I fell off the wagon for a bit but instead of dwelling on what I did wrong, let’s reflect on what I did accomplish- besides starting a new career which was the biggest and most surprising (in the best way) change of 2013!  Here’s a few things I accomplished in the kitchen…

I learned to cook a steak!  I don’t particularly care for steak but I figured it would be beneficial to master cooking one so off to the Farmer’s Market I went and I learned how to cook it.

I baked my very first batch of doughnuts (Happy Birthday to me!) and they were gobbled up at work at mach speed, success!

I finally succeeded at a batch of crepes rather than crepe-flavoured pancakes!  All without the help of my Master Crepe-Maker Friend.

With this recipe, I rekindled my love for crispy, crunchy granola on my first attempt.

I discovered the amazingness that is Halloumi, a cheese that you can grill!

As well, I also fine-tuned my Margarita making skills and just realized this needs to go up on the blog ASAP!  I don’t know why it isn’t already up here!  Bad Kendra for not sharing that delicious cocktail!  And recently, I ate my first oysters!  On a half shell of course!

So what’s in store for the New Year?  I have a  couple goals, but mostly, I want to play around in the kitchen some more and, of course, share with you all my successes and failures (but obvs, there won’t be any!  wink wink).  Anyways in 2014 I hope to do the following…

  • Make homemade pasta since I got a shiny new pasta maker for Christmas!  Carb-overload, here I come!  And get ready friends, pasta is just too tasty not to share!
  • Whip up a batch of Ice Cream!  But first, I must get my mitts on an Ice Cream Maker.  Friends, get ready for this too because I have a plethora of flavour combinations waiting to be churned out (haha get it?  Get it?).
  • Learn how to can things (pickles, jams, fruits, anything!).  My sister gave me a lovely batch of all sorts of plum preserves from the 200+ lbs of fruit she got off her plum tree this summer (that was AFTER giving away as many as she could and leaving the unreachable fruit on the tree!!!  Crazy!).
  • Cook something in a shell… Clams, Mussels, I’m not picky, I love them all.

So those are just a couple things I want to achieve in the New Year.  So now I ask you, what are your goals for 2014?  And is there anything you want to see on this blog?  Anything you’d like me to try?  Happy New Years friends!  See you soon!

Home Sweet Home. A fiery sunset in my beautiful BC backyard, Dec 26th, 2013.


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