Happy New Years!

Happy New Years Everyone!  I wish all of you my lovely readers all the best wishes for the New Year!  I am so happy and thankful to every single one of you that reads my blog.  Whether you give me a like, reblog or comment or simply just visit and read without me really knowing, I am thankful.  You are the reason I make this blog; to have somebody read my little blip on the Internet and enjoy it is my motivation to continue.  So thank-you, I wouldn’t be doing this if nobody enjoyed it.  I makes me happy to know someone enjoyed something I have created (and that goes for all aspects of my life).

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Cranberry Pecan Baked Brie

Oh the holidays.  The time when everyone’s diet goes out the window.  And let’s be honest, that’s what the holidays are all about- indulgence in family, friends and food.  So give your loved ones and yourself a break from all the leftover Turkey Sandwiches and whip this up.  Seriously, it’s so easy even the most culinarily inept could pull this off.  And if you don’t love an oozy, melty, bubbly, gooey pot of cheese too… well then you might just be crazy.

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Candied Orange Peels

Merry Christmas lovelies!  My present to you is a long overdue post in the form of a nice little sweet for you to munch on all through the holidays!  I have been horrible at updating this blog lately but I figured nobody really cared what kind of sandwich I got from Subway everyday.  But since I now have 2 weeks off to relax, I figured I’d get back to playing around in the kitchen!  However, that got off to a slow start when I returned to my parents house in BC to find out that the oven was broken.  But Merry Christmas to us, we had a new one delivered this morning.  And a BIG Thank You to the delivery men working today!  I would have given you some Christmas cookies but a working oven is a bit of a requirement… Anyone ever try frying cookies?  Probably doesn’t work so well.  So now that I have a fully functioning kitchen, expect some tasty things coming up!

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