Roasted Acorn Squash & Apple Bisque with Sage Brown Butter Croutons

Roasted Acorn Squash & Apple Bisque with Sage Brown Butter Croutons {Apartment 302}

OMG, you guys!  I still have it!  I have not lost my touch in the kitchen even though my stove has not been used in an embarrassingly long time.  I saw Acorn Squash at the Farmer’s Market and had to get it.  I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with it but I lugged that thing around all day anyways.  But it was worth it for this soup, and I’d do it again!  I am actually pleasantly surprised at how well this soup turned out, it surpassed my expectations.  Don’t get me wrong, I expected it to be good, but this was heaven.  The mornings here have been frosty and the leaves are beautiful golden yellows, oranges and reds; this soup embodies that with the yellowy-orange squash and the pinky-red apples.  This soup is basically slurpable Autumn in a bowl.  It’s the kind of thing you would enjoy after a long day of jumping in piles of freshly raked leaves and picking out the perfect pumpkin in the patch while sipping on hot cider with a McDreamy look-a-like… Or, if you are anything like me, after sitting on the couch all day catching up on Dexter reruns and regretting that last half bottle of wine you drank last night.  Regardless, this soup is perfect anytime.

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I haven’t forgotten!

I apologize for my absence.  I really have no excuse for my vanishing act.  I just got busy.  And amidst my bustling life, my cooking and baking evolved into the quick chopping of veggies tossed together and called a salad, a bagel toasted with cream cheese and called lunch, take out picked up on the way home and called dinner.  I found myself outs of the house more often than in the kitchen.  I apologize for my absence but I had quite a lovely summer.  So let me share with you a little of what I’ve been up to over the last few months…

Fresh produce {Apartment 302}

Devouring lots of fresh fruits and veggies from my local Farmer’s Markets. Nothing fancy, just lots of raw fruits and salads full of veggies.

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