Shakshuka (Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Stew) {Apartment 302}

You know when something is so delicious and then you find out it’s also good for you so you eat the entire pot?  What?  You don’t?  Liar. I kind of had one of those moments with this dish.  It’s called Shakshuka and it’s brimming with antioxidant loaded tomatoes and omega filled eggs, so you don’t even have to pretend it’s good for you!  The spicy, stewed tomato dish definitely doesn’t taste like health food!  It’s rich and filling but not in a now-I-have-to-put-on-stretchy-pants-and-roll-to-the-couch kinda way.  And luckily I live alone because I definitely hoovered down more than my fair share.  All in the name of antioxidants, of course.

The other reason I love this dish.  The name!  Shakshuka!  It’s just so much fun to say!  I don’t want to start WWIII stating where this dish is originally from.  So instead let’s just say it comes from either Israel or North Africa.  But it’s no wonder there’s disputes over it’s origin, it’s skillet slurping deliciousness!  I’d claim it came from my own kitchen, sadly that’s a big fat lie.  So, to Israel and North Africa, you beat me to it but thank-you.

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Crepes with Maple Peach Sauce

Crepes with Maple Peach Sauce {Apartment 302}

My friend Alysha has envy-inducing crepe making skills.  Honestly, I’m sure I am not the only person who has considered hiring her as a personal crepe chef.  And it’s not very realistic for me to drive 3 hours every sunday morning to sneak a few crepes off her breakfast table (though I wouldn’t put it past me).  So I busted out my neglected, dust collecting crepe pan and gave it my hand at making crepes.  If worse comes to worst I’d end up with crepe-tasting pancakes again.  However, dreaming of crepes for the last couple weeks must have tapped into my natural crepe making abilities because what I created in that pan was magic.  They were crepes!  Not pancakes.  Crepes like you order in restaurants.  Crepes that would make Alysha proud!  And they were surprisingly easy!  And what a better way to eat them than topped in a delicious sweet sauce made with juicy, plump peaches!  Sometimes, imported peaches are just the thing to chase away the winter blues.

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Roasted Veggie Lasagna

Roasted Veggie Lasagna {Apartment 302}

Happy Meatless Monday hungry people!  I hope you are participating in Meatless Mondays!  You should be!  Let’s not get me started on how much it reduces your carbon footprint and helps to conserve resources like water and fossil fuels (you’d be surprised how much water and energy goes into raising animals for human consumption!), but you’re also going to do your own body some good!  Thumbs up for reducing your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity (hello waistline, there you are!).  I’m not saying you should give up your daily Baconators… But once in a while just try something different and meatless.  My life goal is to coax my carnivorous sister into enjoying a vegetarian meal once in a while and this recipe just might do it (you won’t even miss the meat!).  So in honour of Meatless Mondays (and operation Vegify Sister), I give you my best lasagna to date.  I’m calling it an Italian style lasagna as it has less layers and is thinner in the filing department than the American versions, but it still packs a lot of flavour.  This recipe, folks, is a Kendra original.

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Happy Valentine’s Day & a Pretty Heart Cake for Two (or One!)

Ombré Heart Cake for Two (or One!) {Apartment 302}

Happy Valentine’s Day!  So it looks like that fat, little, baby-faced Cupid and his arrows missed me again.  I am Valentine-less.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t get to indulge in a little festive, heart shaped confectionery all to myself!  For those who are enjoying the company of their special someone today, I would recommend this cake.  It isn’t super fancy, it’s actually rather simple; it makes a great base for a fancier cake but on it’s own it may need a little oomph (hence the pretty, multicoloured, heart shaped layers!).  My version is pretty and delicious without being overly rich and decadent (and after that fancy dinner your man/woman is going to whip up for you lucky thing, this is all that’s needed to finish off the meal).  Whether you love the pink and red, heart filled holiday or not (make the cake black if you want!), this is a perfect little cake for two!  (Actually it makes a few cakes, I just froze the rest of them for later!  So clever, aren’t I!).  And the best part is, since I don’t have a Valentine, I can have my cake and eat it (all) too!

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Happy Birthday to Me & Baked Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

Baked Chocolate Cake Doughnuts {Apartment 302}

Happy Birthday to me!  While I love to celebrate my family and friends’ birthdays, I usually keep my own birthday festivities quite low-key.  When I was younger, a birthday wasn’t complete without a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  But since I don’t have big get togethers anymore, I would be forced to eat the majority of the ice creamy, fudgey, crumbly cookie deliciousness myself.  As delicious as that would be, I’d probably have to go out and buy all new pants a couple sizes larger…  These days I prefer quiet, intimate birthdays (usually my friends spoil me with a bite to eat or a cocktail or four).  So there’s no big, flashy cake here.  But these spiced chocolate doughnuts are another story.  (Wait, is it Doughnut or Donut…?  Who cares!  They’re delish!)  These doughnuts are simple yet not so everyday.  And the sprinkles add a little birthday festiveness.  And I probably won’t share.  And it’s my birthday, so I really don’t have to!  (But I will.)

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