My Dad once told me the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and I completely agree. But I believe it is also the way to many people’s heart, male or female, my own included. I love to bake and cook because I love to share my food with other people. I love to watch how excited people get to taste it. I love how a homemade cookie, a slice of chocolate cake, or an elegant tart can make someone’s day infinitely better. Food brings people together. And I love food.

The recipes I cook or bake are not necessarily complicated. Some are a little more complicated and require a certain degree of skill but mostly I go for simple recipes, fresh ingredients and always a wow factor. I believe food’s appearance is just as important as it’s flavor. As they say, you eat with your eyes first. Apartment 302 is where I do most of my cooking and baking (some vegetarian and vegan, some gluten-free, some meat, a little of everything) so let this blog serve as a feast for your eyes and inspire you to create delicious food for you and your loved ones. Bon appétit!




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